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Who we are?


    Our project "Asociación Refugio de Sierra Nevada" started on 19th April 2004.

    Registration number.5346.

   CIF number: G18661090

   IBAN: ES69 2100 4435 2613 0032 5151


    Our E-mail: fladu@refugioanimales-sierranevada.org.es

    We and all our collaborators are trying to help abandoned animals, a very forgotten and disregarded collective, which is very present in our streets specially in the holidays time.

Our team

 Francisco Lozano Arranz


    President, founder member, responsable for health and infirmary.

    He has been doing volunteer work in other associations of animal’s protection for nine years.

Luis Roca Martínez


 Anita Dufetel Barot


     Coordinator of the organization.

     A former member of the direction board in another association for animal’s protection.

     Founder member.

 Mercedes Martín Jiménez



    Manager of the cats, goes many years as voluntary in the refuge dealing with them

Anna Esipova

    Veterinary. Manager of the campaigns of castration and of the contacts with the foreigner for the adoptions.


Where is our refuge?

Visit:  Due to security reasons, we can’t publish the shelter address. Please contact us by telephone to make first an appoitment with us. Thank you.



What do we do?

    Our work consists mainly on assisting abandoned o vagabond animals, feeding them, giving them veterinarian care, and eventually putting them in adoption.

    Many of these animals come to us in a tragic or at least lamentable condition , from hunged, half dead dogs to the wounded and hungry ones, which have been abandoned by their owners with the idea that "they will fend for themselves".

    We also want to show the people who mistreat and abandon their animals that those animals have feelings and they also suffer.

What have we accomplished?

    To give animals in adoption by putting announcements in newspapers, in pet’s shops as well as in some local publications; All this comes out really expensive. We also try to make sure that the recently adopted ones and their new owners are happy and so they won’t return to the street.

    We do carry 2 castrations campaigns to avoid proliferation of unwanted puppies. The females are given in adoption after being sterilized, this is one of our priorities as it is the most frequent cause of abandonment and vagabondage.  We believe that it is worthwhile that people become aware of the terrible problem and, what is most important, that people become aware of the solution.

How do we finance our work?

    We pay all derived expenses of our activity with:

            - Donations.

            - Membership fees.

            - Sales of participations for Christmas Lottery.

            - Moneyboxes placed in veterinary clinics.

            - Donations from abroad.

    We receive also restaurant’s leftovers; some stores give us expired food at very reduced price, and what is most valuable, many veterinarians are supporting our work. And we want to seize the opportunity to make a call to all those who may be willing to help us.